5 Things That Could Happen To You


5 Things That Could Happen - By: Lisa Sabino, recent graduate of YDC's 200 hr yoga teacher training program.

You are a devout yogi who has thought about taking your practice further to the point of teaching others. You wonder if now is the time for you, and you wonder if you are advanced enough in your own practice to guide budding yogis. You wonder if it's the right program for you and if you can make the time commitment fit in with your work and family life. You aren't sure, but the one thing you are sure of is your inner voice calling you to listen to your inner yogi and at least check it out. so here you are! Well, before you make this decision, thank goodness you have stumbled upon this article, because as a recent graduate of the exact program you are researching, I must tell you to beware of the following short and long term effects of making this decision; are you ready for your life to unfold at such a happier, peaceful and deeper level? Consider yourself warned, because from day one of yoga teacher training, the following most certainly happened to me:


1.Making new friends

The bond of new friendships literally began on the first night of the Teacher Training Program. But I am not talking about the "Hi, how are you," politely smile, and keep walking to your car kind of friends. I am talking about the soul-firing, brain-matching, "Me too!!!" kind of friends. We got each other on so many levels because we are passionate about the same things. The same things that our other (as wonderful as they are!) friends and loved ones just don't think about with the same fervor that we do. We cooked for each other and shared meals like a family, even agreeing to make this vegan dessert or that gluten free pasta if it fit our new yogi friends' dietary preferences, and were so glad we did, realizing that it actually was pretty good! We spent so much time together that we really did become a special kind of family, a sangha. We shared fears and joys and celebrated each other's progress. We saw each other bloom and transition into a better version of the person each of us came in as.. which was pretty cool at the start! So, be ready, and make room in your heart, because the people you grow with in the yoga teacher training program will become a part of your life that you never knew you needed, until, of course, you did!


2. Beginning to handle stress differently

Stress is bad for us-we all know that. Yoga helps us handle stress-we all know that too. However, when you begin to learn about the anatomy of the body and what stress actually does to us; the muscular system, the endocrine system, the nervous system, etc., an awareness will be unlocked that can't ever be caged again. (And by the way, all of the biology we suffered through in high school suddenly is easy to understand and SO interesting). Many of my TTP colleagues and I shared that we began to not let the stress "win" when it came about, inevitably, in our lives. We became more able to realize and more easily discard toxic situations and people... because we were learning exactly why we are told in yoga class to "release that which does not serve you." From physically practicing so much yoga and pouring over the words written by ancient yogis, it becomes so vivid that these universal truths written thousands of years ago really still apply to handling a less-than optimal day a work, a change of plans, a frustrating phone call or even a devastating loss. The more you read and share with others, the more you learn... the more you begin to BECOME what you are learning. That's the saying, right? We learn what we live. If you don't believe me, maybe I should tell you about the time that two bottles of red wine broke on my tan carpet, and my first reaction was to laugh and think, "Well, that is out of my control..." All because this program had started to truly shift my perspective on the little things, and the big picture just began to matter more.


3. That yoga teacher I always loved

I now love him/her even more... Throughout the training, I began to develop a newfound respect in regards to how much knowledge goes into planning one hour of a yoga class. My colleagues have said the same. That teacher I always loved, his/her prompts that I had memorized, I now know WHY he/she said them. The amazing feeling you have when your favorite instructor leads you through a sequence that feels "just right"...  you will begin to know why it was just right, and know exactly why he/she planned it that way. The "ignorance is bliss" kind of love of yoga that you began to have as an early practitioner, begins to be backed up by knowledge to support what was going on in your heart and mind during that "falling-in-love" stage, and you will realize WHY you love yoga... even though you thought you already knew!


4. Seeing (and doing) yoga everywhere

Throughout the program, as the seasons changed and knowledge of the practice deepened, I began seeing, and doing, yoga everywhere. (My patient friends who had to tell me stories while I was standing in Virabhadrasana III can attest to that). Being immersed in this study of the yoga tradition will very likely lead you to begin to look inward to discover what it is about yourself that sparked your love of yoga in the first place, and the nuggets of wisdom you've learned along the way that brought you on this journey will all start to just make more sense to you. With this program, knowledge of the practice deepens and we all found ourselves beginning to live what we were learning... and wanting to bring it wherever we would go. You will realize that you are not only practicing yoga on your mat, you will practice yoga off the mat in the way you interact with others and begin living in a yogic state of mind. In addition to this "mental yoga," you will probably frequently do cat/cows in your car, balance in Vkrsasana when you are sauteing vegetables and stand in Tadasana when you are in line at the bank. Why? Because your body will just be peaceful and happy there!


5. Being more than prepared to teach others yoga

Yoga Darshana's well-rounded program leaves its students with an eclectic knowledge base and the ability to be more than prepared to teach others yoga. By the time you reach graduation, you will have developed a strong sense of history, anatomy, philosophy and yoga postures (all while knowing the asanas are only one part of what yoga really is). You will likely deepen the understanding of your own practice so much, that you will not be able to see a day in your foreseeable future that you won't want to practice and/or share your newfound knowledge with someone else. I'll leave you with this: if I could go back and do it again, I would.. and I am sure my Yoga Darshana Center TTP colleagues would say the same thing! Many of us have dedicated our hearts and minds to svadhyaya (self-study) and plan to be returning students at YDC's continuing education classes. As far as the time commitment, in my opinion, it will work out, because of the simple fact that you will want it to. You will likely look forward to your class nights and weekends with a child-like enthusiasm, because you will be learning so much from a team of fabulous teachers that you will feel like a kid in elementary school again. If your inner voice is calling you, I encourage you to follow that pull, follow that call. Don't we all owe ourselves that much? My inner yogi is standing in 5-pointed star right now, grounded and strong, smiling and shining at what I did for her. Whatever you do, just remember... you were warned!

Your teacher can open the door, but you must enter by yourself. -Chinese Proverbb