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Live Love Learn Yoga
There is more interest in yoga than ever. People are uncovering the wonderful effects of movement and want more. In the quest for further discovery, many people are taking teacher training programs simply because they want to learn about the philosophy of yoga, something that can't be taught in an hour class at the gym. Yoga practitioners are discovering that yoga is more than just doing some deep breathing, moving their bodies in all sorts of contorted moves and chanting ‘Om'. Why do they feel so good? Relaxed? Click Here for FULL Article!

Do You Believe In Miracles?
Yoga Nidra Meditation: A sixteen year old was instructed by her doctor to attend a yoga class due to a diagnosis of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. After five weeks of yoga nidra her mother said that her symptoms were significantly decreased. Another woman in the class mourning the loss of her mother said that her grief was gone. Still another said that her depression was definitely less. Wow! All this happening with my first encounter teaching yoga nidra!
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Transformations In Yoga

Yoga transforms lives. Positive effects can be immediate and profound. I walked out of my first yoga class a changed woman. It didn’t take me years of practice and study to realize that I was really on to something powerful. But now, after several years, I can say the benefits over time are far greater than I thought possible. There are many ways these benefits occur. Most people experience changes in the physical body such as an increase in flexibility and strength. click here for full article!