DGY Teacher Training

9am - 5pm (1 1/2 hr Lunch)

DGY Teacher Training

The Sunday Teacher Training Module, Empowerment: Guiding Meditation- In-Motion, will be a training in how to prepare students to experience their own prana (energy) flow as well as how to guide students in this empowering experience. You will develop your skill for guiding students in this practice of letting go and accessing spontaneous movement.


In this module you will develop the skills needed for guiding this deep, self-generated aspect of yoga practice:


• learn to set an inspiring, informative context that creates safety and conveys the essentials about Meditation-in-Motion so that even true beginners can access this authentic experience of flow

• learn how to demonstrate the meditative quality of flow to further prepare students to access this experience themselves

• develop a language repertoire that helps students access their power from within

• explore and practice the techniques you will need to integrate and ground your students’ experience of Meditation in Motion

• learn how this experience can be provided in a regular yoga class or developed into a special workshop

• receive the philosophical and yogic origins of Meditation-in-Motion

• get recommendations for music and poetry that will support you in guiding a freeing experience of flow


Note to Teachers: While attendance for the full weekend is highly recommended, attendance on Saturday afternoon is required for participation in the Sunday training day. Attendance for the full weekend entitles you to Rudy’s 175 page DGY Teacher’s Manual at no additional cost. ($35 fee for the manual if attending Saturday afternoon through Sunday only.)


Cost: $195 Early / $215 Door

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