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Yoga Teacher


$59/month (auto renew)

Join the Darshana Tribe

Available For All Darshana Graduates

Teachers must submit a copy or picture of their yoga teacher certificate. It can be emailed or texted: 631-987-8541

(6 month initial contract / $49 one time registration fee


(includes same perks as Lakshmi members at a discounted rate)


Yoga Classes

10% off
Select Retreats & Workshops

Open Room

Silent Self Practice

Unlimited Yoga

 Includes all ongoing

classes on the schedule

Unlimited Yoga & Meditation Classes


Once enrolled as a Yoga Teacher Member you will have access to unlimited yoga classes. Students who adapt to a regular practice and attend multiple classes per week will experience many health benefits such as feeling more deeply relaxed throughout the day, mental clarity, emotionally lightness, improved relationships, self-confidence, lower blood pressure, increased creativity and more. We encourage you to experience all of the different classes and teachers. Pick the ones that you vibe with the most and stick with it. The Darshana community is filled with supportive, kind and compassionate yogis who will make you feel at home.

10% off  all

Retreats & Workshops

Retreats & Workshops


Lakshmi Members receive 10% off on some special events such as mini retreats, reiki circles, educational workshops, spring renewal and fall retreats at Camp DeWolfe, half day summer retreats.

10% off  all

Healing Services

Chiropractic, Massage, Hypnosis, Reiki, Craniosacral, Private Yoga Nidra, Private Yoga, Nutritional Coaching, AFT 

Healing Services


Being healthy and happy requires some dedication. Besides adapting to a regular yoga practice, healing services can play a major role in our wellness journey. Lakshmi Members receive 10% off all holistic services in our building. This includes massage therapy, reiki, acupuncture, chiropractic services, craniosacral, meditation privates and yoga privates. Please call or text for a list of available practitioners.

Open Room

Silent Self Practice

Enjoy some quiet time where you can absorb the healing energies of the Darshana sanctuary. Members can stop in for a few minutes or stay the entire hour. This is a great time to rejuvenate in a safe and nurturing space.

Open Room Silent Self Practice


It's very comforting to have a safe space where you can process whatever is going on in your life, especially during stressful times. During these open room sessions, members can stop in to practice yoga, meditate, breathe, study, contemplate, dream, sleep or whatever is needed. There will not be a guided class during this time however one of our skilled teachers will be present to hold the space for you. Please enter and leave quietly, with awareness and consideration.