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Full Moon Yoga Nidra Meditation

September 30, 2023
7:00 pm - 7:45 pm
Full Moon Yoga Nidra Meditation

Full Moon Yoga Nidra Meditation

Experience an investigative inner journey that takes the practitioner beyond limiting beliefs and conditioning, so that a contented life, free of conflict, anxiety, fear, dissatisfaction, and suffering can be lived. In its ultimate form, Meditation is used to unravel the sacred mystery of life and reveal the secret of enlightenment.


Please bring a yoga blanket, head pillow and any other props necessary to support your practice. Students who are uncomfortable lying on the floor may bring a zero gravity or reclining chair to practice on. Several reclining chairs will be available.


Cost: $20 Paid by 9/20 - $25 After

Your Instructors

Matthew Pecorella

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