Transformational Fall Yoga Retreat 

Saturday, October 23rd 2021 - 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

A full day of yoga, mindfulness, nature and community

Camp DeWolfe Retreat Center, Wading River, NY

You don't have to travel far for a restorative retreat experience.  Join with the Darshana community for a full day of goodness right here on Long Island. This special event welcomes all level practitioners and is perfect for beginners. Enjoy yoga, meditation, mindfulness practices, nature, community and much more. Camp DeWolfe is surrounded by the Long Island Sound and 26 acres of beautiful scenic trails. This peaceful environment will provide a womb for a transformational weekend.

Space Is Limited - Reserve Your Spot Today!

Camp DeWolfe Driving Instructions

408 N Side Rd. Wading River NY

Via the Long Island Expressway (I-495):

-Take LIE Exit 68 to William Floyd Parkway (Highway 46) North
-Bear RIGHT at end of William Floyd Parkway onto Route 25A East.
-Continue on Route 25A.
-Turn LEFT at the light by the HESS Gas Station onto Wading River Manor Road.
-Bear LEFT at the end of the road onto North Country Road.
-Make a quick sharp RIGHT at the fire department onto North Wading River Road.
-Turn LEFT at the blue sign for Camp DeWolfe, onto North Side Road.
-Turn RIGHT at the sign for Camp DeWolfe.

From Riverhead:

-Take Route 25 West.
-Turn RIGHT onto Route 25A West at the Sunoco Gas Station.
-Continue on Route 25A.
-Turn RIGHT at the light by the HESS Gas Station onto Wading River Manor Road.
-Bear LEFT at the end of the road onto North Country Road.
-Make a sharp RIGHT at the fire department onto North Wading River Road.
-Turn LEFT at the blue sign for Camp DeWolfe, onto North Side Road.
-Turn RIGHT at the sign for Camp DeWolfe.


Yoga Retreat Schedule

Saturday, October 23rd 2021 - 9:00 am - 8:00 pm 

Nature Reset

Enjoy the peaceful world of nature within 26 acres of beautiful scenic trails right off the Long Island Sound. Unplug from the business of life and come back to the healing vibrations of mother earth. 


The theme of this renewal retreat weekend is to cultivate mindfulness in every step. All of the practices given are to cultivate one pointed focus of the mind, allowing for more clarity, peace and happiness.

Tarrot Cards

An intuitive tarot reading is a way to gain clarity, shift energies and expand possibilities. By connecting with angels and guides surrounding us, Barbara will channel the information needed to bring balance, peace and direction to your life.

Vegetarian Meals

Camp DeWolfe always serves the most delicious vegetarian meals for our retreats and all of the staff members are so friendly and inviting. During meal periods, held in the Davis Hall, all conversation should be positive, uplifting and enjoyable for everyone.

Chocolate Meditation

How often do you get a chance to fully enjoy your favorite snack? During this mindfulness meditation practice we will create a space of stillness and emptiness to welcome in the aroma and flavor of chocolate. One morsel at a time. It's delightful.  

Gentle Morning Yoga

Step into your bliss and personal power during this transformative yoga flow. Experience the profound effects of gentle yoga postures mixed with movement and focused breathing. This special class will give a good foundation and support to walk through life with grace & ease.

Beach Access

Enjoy the many acres of beautiful trails and beaches along the Sound. 

Mindful Movement

Experience the fullness of the present moment through various practices of sitting and walking meditation.

Yoga Nidra Mediation

Experience an investigative inner journey that takes the practitioner beyond limiting beliefs and conditioning, so that a contented life, free of conflict, anxiety, fear, dissatisfaction, and suffering can be lived. In its ultimate form, Meditation is used to unravel the sacred mystery of life and reveal the secret of enlightenment.

Vibrational Sound Healing

Melt into oneness during a vibrational sound healing session with quartz crystal singing bowls. Experience layers of tension melting away as the mind, body and spirit are brought back into balance. 

Tea & Healthy Snacks

Enjoy herbal teas, fresh fruits and healthy snacks between sessions. Coffee will also be available. 

Spiritual Teachings

Spiritual seekers wishing to listen, speak and assimilate truth are welcomed to Satsang. If you have an inner itch for something that cannot be scratched, then it most likely is your Inner Soul calling. Regina will be drawing from her 30 years plus of inner spiritual experience to reveal some of the ancient teachings of yoga and how they can be used to live a peaceful and happy life.

Fire Ceremony

During this special fire ceremony for purification, everyone will have an opportunity to share something with the group as well as throwing their paper of what they wish to release into the fire. This gathering of yogis has been a very memorable experience in past retreats. A spiritual message will also be given.

Sunset Contemplation

Sunset Contemplation: Camp DeWolfe is located right on the Long Island sound. The sunrise and sunset views are stunning. We will gather for sunset on Saturday night to enjoy the healing power of the elements.

Transformational Yoga

Set an intention for health, healing and vibrant wellbeing. This class will focus on stretching and releasing old patterns of tension in the body so that renewed energy can come in. Stretch, breath, focus, reflect and pure being.

Retreat Payment

(Pricing includes vegetarian meals)


Full Day Saturday


Choose to RSVP for 1 or 2 guests:

Includes one-day pass to the Spring Renewal Retreat with lunch and dinner and access to the camp grounds. Saturday Only, No overnight stay.


9:00 am - 8:30 pm

(includes vegetarian meals)

$169 per person


Vegetarian Meals 

email us at:

Lunch and dinner will be vegetarian and made from locally grown vegetables. You will receive your own individually wrapped meal. Please let us know (3) weeks in advance if you have any specific food allergies. Healthy snacks, fruit, coffee & herbal teas will be available throughout the day next to the DeWolfe hall. 



A Day Of Bliss

Release... Renew... Restore...

Darshana's Transformational yoga retreats offer an opportunity to unplug from the busyness of daily life. Create this time and space for yourself to get away, regroup, reflect, grow, learn and just be. You are worth it and the scenery and community are a perfect fit. 

"This was one of the most peaceful experiences that I have ever had." ~Pat


A 50% refund is available up until 30 days before the event. No refunds are available after that time. Please let us know 2 weeks in advance if you have any special dietary needs. We recommend attending the full program to get the best possible restoration experience however listen to your inner self and do what feels best for your life.