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FEBRUARY 11  |  9am-3pm

180 Great East Neck Road West Babylon NY 11704

Early Bird Special $129

Join us at
Yoga Darshana Center

180 Great East Neck Road West Babylon NY 11704

Sacred Serenity
A Day of Tranquility at Yoga Darshana Center

In the bustling rhythm of Long Island life, where stress can easily weave its way into your daily existence, its important to find time to pause, reflect and prioritize your own well-being. 


Our Winter Retreat provides a sanctuary away from the demands of daily life and offers the perfect opportunity to dive deep into a transformative journey towards peace and clarity.  Give yourself a rejuvenating day where gentle yoga, chakra balancing, deep breathing and mindfulness practices come together to release the grip of stress, quiet worries, and harmonize your energy system. For those who generously give to others, often neglecting their own well-being, this retreat provides you with an opportunity to turn your nurturing energies inward. This is your special day to rest and restore and you deserve it. 


We can't wait to see you on this day of rejuvenation and mindfulness!

Early Bird Special $129

Praise + Love

“Darshana’s yoga retreat was exactly what I needed – a retreat where tranquility met authenticity. The food was delicious, reminiscent of comforting home-cooked meals, and the sense of community was genuine. The staff’s knowledge added depth to the experience, and the venue provided a serene backdrop. Having attended a New Year vision board retreat, the transformation was subtle yet pivotal.  Darshana’s events offer a space for reflection and connection, leaving a lingering sense of calm and gratitude.”


Awaken Your Practice
Unveiling the Layers of Retreat Bliss

We will begin our day with a heart full of gratitude and praises for life through morning devotional prayers, taking a moment to express thanks and celebrating the gift of life.


Seamlessly flow into the gentle art of Pranayama, breathing practices that regulate and revitalize your energy. These exercises soothe and nourish the nervous system, bring balance to our brain hemispheres, and activate the parasympathetic nervous system, inviting a profound sense of relaxation. 


Gather for a Dharma talk, where we'll unravel the timeless teachings of yoga. Gain insights that guide you away from unnecessary suffering, steering you towards a path of happiness and fulfillment.

Transition smoothly into a thoughtfully selected sequence of yoga postures, visualization techniques, guided meditation, and a touch of aromatherapy to balance your chakra system, fostering a sense of equilibrium.


To conclude your journey, savor a delightful vegetarian meal served buffet-style. It's not just nourishment for the body but a feast for the soul, bringing the day to a close on a wholesome note. 

Early Bird Special $129

What Awaits You at the Retreat:

The Art of Manifestation
Vision Board Workshop

Manifest your future with our Vision Board Workshop, where your aspirations for the upcoming year will crystallize with the magic of music and imagery. This isn't your ordinary workshop; it's a dynamic experience designed to help you turn your dreams into reality. Through the art of collage, using an array of captivating pictures and empowering words, you'll craft your very own vision board—a potent tool for manifestation. 


No need to worry about supplies; we've got you covered. Just bring yourself, the dreams you're ready to bring to life and get ready to set the tone for a spectacular New Year!

Woman Collage

A 50% refund is available up until 30 days before the event. No refunds are available after that time. Please let us know 2 weeks in advance if you have any special dietary needs. We recommend attending the full program to get the best possible restoration experience however listen to your inner self and do what feels best for your life.

Contact Darshana Center

180 Great East Neck Rd.

West Babylon, NY 11704

Call Us:  631-893-1146

Text Us: 631-987-8541

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