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Darshana is a not-for-profit organization and has been educating, supporting and inspiring the community for over 18 years. Darshana's vision is to create a sacred, loving space where students can practice and embody the ancient teachings of yoga. Through various methods, yoga is made accessible for everyone regardless of size, age or limitations.


Yoga Darshana Center is a non-commercial studio with a warm, peaceful and friendly environment. This safe and nurturing sanctuary is a womb for students to feel at home, ground, connect, grow and be who they truly are. Darshana appreciates your continued support over the years. Your generous contributions help to keep this beautiful community studio open. We are a not-for-profit organization 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible.

Meet Our Wonderful



Meet Regina Chaeli  |   Founder  |  ERYT-200, RYT 500, YACEP 


Regina is the Director of the 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training Program. She is a registered nurse, holistic practitioner, yoga and meditation instructor and spiritual counselor. Regina has studied with many great teachers over the past 30 years including Joan Shivarpita Harrigan, Swami Chandrasekharanand Saraswati and Richard Miller. Her education in yoga consists of traditional methods of meditation, philosophy, trauma sensitive yoga, yoga therapy, Yin Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and postures, incorporated with current science and research. 

Regina’s love for yoga has propelled her into opening Darshana and establishing East Neck Yoga & Wellness. She is the grounding force of YDC and her gift is to understand life situations clearly and create a clear path for solutions. 

Meet Matthew Pecorella  |   Director  | E-RYT 200


 Matthew is the Director at Darshana, a not-for-profit organization founded in 2001. He has been practicing and teaching yoga, eastern philosophy and meditation for over 18 years with special training in restorative yoga and yoga nidra meditation. Matthew is an essential oil educator, reiki healer, ordained minister and aroma freedom technique practitioner. He is also a consultee of Patanjali Kundalini Yoga Care with Joan Shivarpita Harrigan and Swami Chandrasekharanand Saraswati. 

Matthew has a way of  bringing people together and making things happen. He has a gentle, loving technique that guides the student into the pureness of the heart.

  • virginina helmecke
    Virginia Helmecke


    Virginia graduated from the 200-hour  Long Island Yoga Teacher Training program at Darshana. She has realized the great healing power of yoga and wishes to share this gift with others. Virginia's mission is to also help her students cultivate strength and peace from within and to obtain optimal health in body, mind and spirit. She has a warm and loving approach that makes you feel welcomed and at ease.

  • uma suchdeve
    Uma Suchdeve


    Uma has been practicing yoga since she was a child. She always wanted to have a deeper understanding of the true meaning of yoga and she decided to complete the 200 hr yoga teacher training program at Darshana. Her personal experience and belief is that yoga is a blissful path. She wants everyone to know that yoga is a natural way to energize your mind, body and soul and is happy to share what she has learned with others.

  • sandra rovira
    Sandra Rovira


    After a practicing yoga for over 15 years, a career as an attorney, and the owner/director of a day spa, Sandra decided that she wanted to do what her mind, body and spirit called her to do, and that is to teach yoga. A life-changing decision, Sandra completed her 200 hour teacher training program at Darshana Yoga Center. Sandra’s goal is to help students understand and work with their body alignment and form through the never ending adventure of yoga and is thankful to Darshana Yoga for the opportunity to live her passion.

  • rosemary hudson
    Rosemary Hudson


    Rosemary began studying yoga at 16 years old. As the middle child of seven, she found peace and focus as well as a low impact way to be fit. She began her yoga teaching career at 19, took a hiatus after a few years and returned to being a leader of the practice 10 years ago. Rosemary is known for her positive, happy outlook and zest for life. She enjoys bringing the healing practice and peace of yoga to people of all ages.

  • Evelyn Regan.JPG
    Evelyn Regan


    While working full time nights and raising her family Evelyn Regan found her passion for fitness. In 2004 she became an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor and a year later obtained her AFAA Personal Trainer Certification.  She taught many different modalities including Kickboxing, Step, Toning, Strength Training, Mat Pilates, Aqua certified and more. She is also a senior fitness specialist and has a certification in the Silver Sneakers program.  It was during this time that she had opportunities to attend yoga classes with many wonderful instructors and loved the benefits that yoga had on her physically and mentally. After retiring from her full time Job, Evelyn graduated from Darshana’s yoga teacher training program.  She is both honored and excited about teaching yoga and looks forward to helping members become their best self.

  • mary burns.jpg
    Mary Burns

    Office Manager, RYT

    Mary was introduced to yoga nearly three decades ago and yoga became an integral part of her life. She often contemplated the idea of ‘one day’ becoming a certified yoga instructor. Following a brief hiatus which included a hip replacement during the last 10 years, Mary came back to her practice committed to learning the asanas with precision and understanding like never before. She soon became a certified yoga teacher through Yoga Darshana Center and is excited to bring the peace, contentment and fulfillment she feels while practicing yoga postures to others, particularly those with physical limitations such as arthritis in their joints. Mary lives the YDC slogan that ‘Yoga is for Everyone!

  • Angelica.jpg
    Angelica Zambrano


    Angelica always loved the mystery of yoga. She is a bilingual school social worker and completed her 200 Hour yoga teacher training at Absolute Yoga in Syosset in 2018. Angelica also completed a 30 hr radiant child yoga certification at Kripalu and has taught weekly yoga classes and retreats at United We Om and The Science Of Spirituality Center. She loves pitbulls, the color purple and she has two adult children and a three year old grandchild. Angelica is excited to bring Latino Yoga to the Darshana community.

  • donna pfister.jpg
    Donna Pfister


    Donna is a former professional dancer, Donna has been practicing and teaching yoga and guided meditation for over 20 years. She began her practice as part of her recovery of back and hip injuries and soon after became a teacher herself. She trained with a wide variety of master teachers including Yogi Amrit Desai, Rodney Yee, Erich Schiffmann, and Lilias Folan. In addition, Donna is a licensed Radiologic Technologist (R)(M)(CT) She brings her knowledge of medical training and passion for yoga to each class to ensure her students experience a safe and thoroughly enjoyable practice.

  • danny elfawal.jpg
    Danny Elfawal


    Dan is a special education consultant who specializes in behavioral therapy. His passion  for yoga, children, and connecting with others has brought  him to practice and get certified at the Yoga Darshana  Center. Dan is filled with life and known for his energetic, loving nature. He always meets the students where they are. When you meet Dan you will feel like you have known him forever

  • charlotte crowley.jpg
    Charlotte Crowley

    RYT-500, ERYT-200

    Charlotte is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher, since March 2013. She completed an additional 300 hours of training, at the Dharma Yoga Center, under the guidance of Sri Dharma Mittra, in April of 2014. Charlotte is authorized to teach beginner/gentle to level 3 in the Dharma Yoga Method, and is a an experienced 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher.

  • Rosaria Luppy.jpg
    Rosaria Luppy


    Rosaria Luppy graduated from Darshana's 200 hour yoga teacher training program several years ago and has been teaching at local gyms and studios. She into fitness, loves crafting, the beach and spending time with her husband and three beautiful children. Rosaria is very excited to share her passion of yoga with the community. 

  • Deenew.jpg
    Dee Morrow

    Ambassador, ERYT-200, YACEP, RN

    Dee has been a critical care nurse for over 30 years. She is a Certified Yoga instructor and an Advanced Reiki practitioner. By combining her vast knowledge of anatomy and yoga her classes cultivate a safe and structured environment for all body types.

  • diane dady.jpg
    Diane Dady

    Ambassador, RYT

    Diane is a recent graduate of  Darshana's 200-hour Teacher Training Program, a reiki practitioner, and a public relations specialist. Within a few months of taking her first yoga class in 2014, she felt a strong desire to become a yoga teacher to help bring what she has experienced to others - a healthier outlook and approach to life in every way possible, together with a more balanced and grounded center that comes as a result of regular yoga practice.

  • andrea ferrer.jpg
    Andrea Ferrer


    Andrea's yoga journey started as a life-changing practice in the Philippines, in search of personal discovery, self-transformation, healing, and growth. Yoga not only helped her increase her flexibility and deal with daily stress, but also opened pathways for love and expression, awareness and compassion, and safe body and mind exploration. Andrea's class aims to give students more opportunities to experience things by creating a judgment-free space to explore yoga, where students can discover levels of possibility in connecting breath-body-mind, and bring their practice off their mats and into their lives. Her personal mission is to strive to make a connection not just to teach, but also help people realize that yoga is available to everyone.

  • lisa sabino.jpg
    Lisa Sabino


    Lisa graduated from Darshana's Teaching Training Program in 2015. As an elementary school teacher for over 20 years, she has a passion for teaching others to reach their highest potential, at any age! From the minute she walked into her first yoga class in 2011, she remembers a fire being lit that she says will never go out! Lisa is especially drawn to yoga for its healing benefits on the mind and body. The wisdom, mindfulness and self-awareness that we practice regularly on our mats really begins to transfer into our daily lives. That is what she loves the most about yoga and looks forward to sharing with her students.

  • Kaitlyn Oddo.jpg
    Kaitlyn Oddo


    Kaitlyn is a student and registered yoga teacher. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Darshana. Kaitlyn discovered yoga at age 17. Since then her asana practice evolved from just the physical to the spiritual and beyond following extensive training and practice. Kaitlyn is a college student and is working towards becoming a physical therapist. Her vision for the future is to be a certified Yoga therapist and to unite physical body awareness with the healing powers of yoga. She is excited to share what she has learned with the world.

  • Lori Miller2.jpg
    Lori Miller


    Lori is a registered yoga teacher who trained at Darshana. She was first drawn to yoga because of numerous injuries and wanted to heal herself naturally. What started out as a means to heal physically, quickly became an emotional, mental and spiritual journey into discovering her true authentic self. Lori has a deep love for animals and believes it is of the utmost importance to be kind and compassionate to all living beings. Through yoga, Lori has found a connection to all that heals mind, body and soul. She wishes to share the healing joy of yoga with others.

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