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Learn How To Meditate

April 20, 2022
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Darshana Studio
Learn How To Meditate

Learn How To Meditate

Did you ever listen to your favorite music and become enraptured, look at a flower and become breathless, or eat a piece of fruit and enjoyed it beyond words? These are examples of simple experiences in your life that brought you to meditation.


There are many misconceptions concerning meditation and often people think that they cannot do it. Meditation techniques are not difficult to develop when taught with understanding. This workshop will overturn misconceptions concerning meditation. Simple techniques using your own life situations will be taught.


When meditation becomes part of your life you will find more peace and harmony in everyday situations.


Early Yogi Special $45 - $50 Day Of - 2.75 CE’s For Yoga Teachers

Your Instructors

Regina Chaeli

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