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Move Through Your Emotions

September 24, 2022
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Darshana Studio
Move Through Your Emotions

Move Through Your Emotions

The body can store all of your emotions and the beautiful act of shifting our energy through movement can RELEASE them from their hold on you.


During this workshop you will move and dance to a range of songs to inspire your emotions to come out and play. You will have permission to stay internal in your dance or as wildly as you like. There is power in being seen. We feed each other in our shared dance experience.


After moving through emotions, Maggie will lead you through a heartfelt meditation while you rest on the floor. She will come around to each participant and offer Reiki to clear your Chakras and settle your spirit. She will place a Rose Quartz Heart Stone on your heart which you will get to take home.


Please bring a journal, yoga matt, BIG bottle of water, an open mind & heart.


Cost: $42 - Must RSVP

Your Instructors

Maggie Moore

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