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Family Lakshmi Membership Plan

6 month commitment

For you and a family member

Ignite a collective journey to well-being with our exclusive Family Lakshmi Membership Plan at Darshana Yoga Center. This unique plan offers unlimited yoga and meditation classes not only for you but also for a cherished family member. As Family Lakshmi Members, both of you can explore the myriad health benefits of a regular practice, including deep relaxation, mental clarity, emotional lightness, improved relationships, self-confidence, and more.


Dive into our diverse class offerings, selecting those that resonate most with your family's preferences. At Darshana, our community is not just supportive and compassionate but also extends a warm welcome to families, making you feel at home as you embark on this holistic journey together.

What You Get With This Plan

Yoga Classes for you and a family member


Meditation Classes for you and a family member


10% off
Retreats & Workshops


3 One-Time Use Guest Passes

Committed to your family's health and happiness, the Family Lakshmi Membership offers a dedicated path to well-being. Family Lakshmi Members enjoy a 10% discount on special events, from mini retreats and reiki circles to educational workshops and seasonal retreats at Camp DeWolfe. 


As a delightful bonus, you'll receive three guest passes to share this transformative experience with additional loved ones. Join our community, embrace the collective journey to holistic well-being, and unlock the boundless benefits that the Family Lakshmi Membership has to offer.

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